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Bloating and Flatulence

Bloating and Flatulence are commonly known as " Gas" in the abdomen. It's is often very uncomfortable and frequently accompanied by mild to moderate pain. This is a condition when the abdomen gets distended and makes sound like a drum when tapped. There are 3 types of gas in the abdomen.


Over 70% of people in urban areas suffer from sleep deprivation and that number is growing. Personally, I feel that the problem is less understood than you think. What is insomnia? Scientists say that if you sleep for less than 5 hours per day, for more than 3 nights a week, you are likely to be suffering from insomnia. Your daytime performance, concentration, memory, comprehension, moods etc. are all affected by the lack of sleep. I divide insomnia into two main categories: those who can't sleep because of an organic psychological condition (bipolar,

Bulging Tummy not always due to fat

A bulging tummy is not always due to fat. when a famous French actress was offered a role in a film, she quickly wanted to lose some weight she had put on around her middle. She came to London to see me, and as she entered my room I knew exactly what the problem was.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

First of all, I want to explain what a syndrome is. It is not a “disease “in the common sense of the word. All diseases have a cause and a predictable range of symptoms, associated with it. For example, the common flu is caused by a virus and is characterised by fever, body ache, fatigue, runny nose which may lead to coughs, sore throat etc. A syndrome on the other hand is a conglomeration of symptoms that are likely to appear simultaneously in different combinations and permutations. There is often no definite cause for such reaction in the body.

Headaches on every Saturday night for two days in a row

A well-known chef in the UK used to get headaches every Saturday night at 11pm. He would return home early from his restaurant every Saturday as he expected the headache. He would get tightness in the neck, followed by a severe headache. He hated taking medicines for headaches but he saw no alternative. He would continue to have headaches on Sundays as well and feel absolutely fine by the evening. He had had allergy tests, but nothing showed any concrete evidence that they caused the headaches.

Eating too much, exercising too little

By far the most common cause of putting on too much weight is simply eating too much, or the wrong foods, and exercising too little. For most people, balancing what they eat and the amount of exercise they do can determine their weight. If you fall into this category you can lose weight by cutting down what you eat, or cutting out certain foods, or exercising more.


Overweight men often acquire fatty deposits across the chest, giving the appearance of breasts, but there is a quite different condition, not related to obesity, called gynaecomastia. Over-stimulation of a man's adrenal glands sometimes produces oestrogen instead of androgen, or the ration between testosterone and oestrogen may become unbalanced. This can cause the mammary glands to develop, resulting in actual breasts. Many men affected in this way are very self-conscious of having large breast and they have hate to swim or do anything that means exposing their body.

My own experience - Neck Massage

In 1988, I went to the Lakshwadeep islands, close to the Maldives with the Indian Presidential Party as I was treating the First Lady for a condition. A special village was built with pre-fabricated houses and I had one right on the beach. The President, with his officials, went about their engagements. I asked the Naval officers, who were there for security reasons, if they could take me snorkelling.

Twice a week headache, for years

Angela, from the Midlands in UK, had headaches for 40 years, since childhood. She used to get headaches at least twice a week and lived on painkillers. She had read my column in The Mail on Sunday a UK Newspaper, where I answered the question from a headache sufferer and so she sought my advice as a last resort. I asked if she had dizziness, neck tension, fainting bouts as a teenager, along with nausea, irritability, lack of concentration, fatigue and sugar cravings. She answered ‘yes’ to all these symptoms.

Constant “cluster headaches” – Every day for 3 months or more

My late friend, the film producer, Ismail Merchant (Howards’ End, Room with a View), recommended me to an Arab gentleman, from a very respected family, because of his constant cluster headaches. This is a form of headache which happens once a year, especially in the spring to early summer period - more commonly in men. The headaches will be there daily, for a month or so, continuously. For the entire period the sufferer is debilitated and nothing except strong migraine pills and oxygen helps.

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