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Dr Ali's Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Mosaraf Ali, Britain's top integrated health expert, tackles for the first time the issue of weight loss.

Book Review

Dr Ali's Weight Loss Plan Book Cover - Doctor Mosaraf Ali

As all dieters know, not every diet works for everyone. Dr. Ali shows that there are four main reasons for weight gain (eating too much, not exercising enough; hormonal weight gain; weight gain due to psychological problems; genetic weight gain).

Once you have discovered why you aren't at your desired weight, losing the extra pounds will become much easier. Dr Ali suggests weight loss programs for different types of weight gain so that you will be able to slim healthily and enjoyably, whatever the cause of your excess pounds. In this meticulously researched and tested book you will discover how to improve your digestion, reduce cravings and appetite, and retract the volume of the stomach.

Dr Ali also shows how massage can help with spot reduction of fats, recommends the form of exercise most suitable for your body type and explains the importance of motivational relaxation. This is the ultimate holistic approach and will change the way you think about weight loss forever.

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