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The Integrated Health Bible

Healing, Vitality and Well-Being - The Ultimate Reference Guide

Book Review

The Integrated Health Bible Cover - Doctor Mosaraf Ali

Physical illness is often seen as something of an inevitability, something that could strike at any time without warning, leaving us at the mercy of doctors and drugs.

Heart disease costs the US 200 Billion dollars a year, their number one biggest killer and yet it is a condition that is largely preventable. Integrated medicine concentrates on your body's own power to keep itself healthy, encompassing a blend of conventional, complementary and traditional methods.

Dr. Mosaraf Ali has pioneered this approach to health and today runs the Integrated Medical Centre in London, the first of its kind in Europe. His clinic and his style of treatment have attracted a wide client base, many of them celebrities, through word of mouth recommendations, some of which are used in the introduction.

The Integrated Health Bible promises to open up Dr Ali's knowledge to a wider, but no doubt, equally appreciative audience. He introduces his theories by explaining where his ideas originated, the history of medicine and looking at how the body works. Self-help is central to his philosophy and he calls this truly holistic approach to health the "Lifestyle Program".

The three pillars of this encompass diet, exercise and massage, and equal emphasis is placed on meditation and relaxation in order to manage stress. Following the Lifestyle Programme is done with the goal of maintaining health, a case of prevention being much better, and cheaper, than cure. But the third part of the book deals with what to do when things go wrong. Common ailments are all here and treatments cover everything from stress, flu, backache to infertility. Strategies and solutions are also recommended for serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

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