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Dr. Ali on Moscow Morning Show
Big Hit with 10 Million Viewers
Dr. Ali Joins Dr. Oz on
Steller team of worldwide experts
Italy's Oggi Features Dr. Ali
Exclusive Interview and Photos
Harper's Bazaar Gives Top Ranking
Dr. Ali's Castel Monastero Spa is rated by U.K. Harper's Bazaar as one of the Top Three Best Health Spots in Europe. Dr. Ali carries out Detox and Weight Loss Programmes in this exclusive and beautiful Clinical Spa in Tuscany, Italy.
Hormones and Emotions
One of the parameters or signs of life is response to external stimuli, others include breathing, circulation, digestion, reproduction, etc. In our body we have two types of responses: nervous reflex and hormonal reaction.
Computer-Related Illness
"...As excessive computer use and stress are the most common causes of neck stiffness, one can cite them as the main culprit of ill health and poor well-being..."
Dr. Ali Live on Health Radio
Show: Swanson Health Talk Radio
The Neck Connection now available in three formats
U.S. Edition Paperback, Kindle Edition and Limited Hardcover Edition.
Dr. Ali on the Dr. Oz Show
Airs Thursday, October 20 on nationwide television.
Tico Torres launches The Neck Connection
Join Dr Ali for the launch of his new book The Neck Connection presented by Tico Torres at Michael Kors Store in New York.
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