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Western Medicine

... still alive. This meant the functioning and structure of organs could be examined in vivo. They were also well endowed with plants and ... it into systems like the digestive, nervous, circulatory, reproductive, skeletomuscular, hormonal, systems. If any of these systems had ...
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... conceive. It used to be thought that only voluntary organs, such as muscles, respond to motional stimuli, but now it's recognised ... In evolutionary terms, these are linked to male reproductive hormones or androgens rather than women's oestrogens and ... bond. Questions and Answers reproductive systems conception having a baby ...
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Pregnancy Related Pain

... Look at your spine and you'll see that all the organs heart, lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys and the rest - are in front of ... too. Questions and Answers reproductive systems pregnancy related pains back pain ...
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Harper's Bazaar Gives Top Ranking

... that the colon, kidneys, skin and nasal mucosa are the main organs that naturally eliminate our bodily wastes and toxins. Medical science ... 2. Hormonal Weight Gain This due malfunction of reproductive, thyroid, stress hormones etc. This covers about 40% of all obese ...
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