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Dr. Ali empowers you to self-diagnose. Browse through the alphabetical Q&A to discover his healing suggestions for your health related problems.

Baby’s Rash

Baby’s Rash My eight-month-old baby girl has had a rash, runny eyes' coughing, and frequent sneezing and has been regurgitating for three weeks. She eats normally and isn't ill. The doctor suggested eliminating cow's milk for 14 days. I switched her to Soya formula and bought milk -free baby foods. For a week the rash cleared, the vomiting stopped and she seemed to enjoy soya. Then the rash started again and she now constantly scratches herself. She has also begun to vomit after meals. Could she be allergic to soya too?

Back Pain

Back Pain I’ve had long episodes of backache, and now that I have a desk-bound job, it's often very painful and is affecting my sleep. There are two main areas: my lower back- I've been told my pelvis and hips are dislocated - and between my shoulder blades. I also have pain in my right shoulder.

Bad Breath

Bad Breath I suffer from very bad breath, and have tried various methods to counteract it, such as regular dental checkups, specialist toothpastes, mouth sprays, nasal sprays, even colonic irrigation. None of these has been effective, and my doctor seems unable to offer me more advice. This is terribly distressing and embarrassing for me. Please help.

Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy I’m experiencing my second attack of Bell's palsy in five years. Other people with the condition seem to have varying rates of recovery. The only conventional treatment is a short course of steroids, which I'm currently taking. I did get referred to a physiotherapist last time, with limited results. A course of acupuncture was beneficial, but the facial nerves to my eye and mouth grew back incorrectly, so I am worried that this second bout could weaken the area even more. Is there an alternative way to aid recovery?


Bereavement A close friend's husband lost his life recently, at a young age. She is finding it very hard to cope and I wondered if you had any suggestions.

Bird Flu

Bird Flu I'm concerned about the bird flu epidemic that may spread to Europe. How can I avoid getting lt? Or, if I do succumb, how do I treat it? Would the herb astragalus, which is used in Chinese medicine to boost the immune system, help?

Bitter Mouth

Bitter Mouth My diet is good, with virtually no wheat or dairy, no red meat, very little alcohol or coffee, a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh vegetable juices, lots of water and green tea. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. But I often have a very salty bitter-ish taste, which can leave me with a dry mouth and burning lips. This sometimes stays with me for days. My acupuncturist says this points to a problem with my kidneys. But how and why, and what can I do to get rid of it?

Bladder Pain

Bladder Pain I’m 19 and have been getting a persistent burning pain in my bladder for a longtime. When it's really intense I have to stop what I'm doing and go to the lavatory. I have the symptoms of cystitis but no bacteria are ever found in my samples. The specialist said I have a highly sensitive bladder and prescribed an antibiotic and a natural diuretic, but after several months there is no change in the pain. Is there anything else I can do?

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums I have a continuing problem with bleeding gums. They bleed even when I am eating and when I floss my teeth (I don’t often do this). It seems to happen between my teeth as well as around the gum area. I have heard that you can have real problems when you get pregnant, and as I am trying to conceive at the movement I would be grateful for your advice about how to improve this in the long term.


Blepharitis My daughter suffers from very dry eyes and red eyelids. Over the years, they have flared up intermittently and become swollen and infected. She is now unable to wear contact lenses or any make-up. Her wedding is coming up shortly and she is very worried. Recently, her doctor diagnosed blepharitis. Do you have any advice?


Blepharospasm My wife has recently been diagnosed with blepharospasm - involuntary closure of the eyelids. This means that for many weeks, between injections of botulinum toxin, her eyes are closed. The doctors at our local surgery don't seem to know about the condition - very few people do. Could you tell us any more, and offer some alternative approaches?

Blocked Nose

Blocked Nose My teenage son has suffered from a blocked nose since he was little. Numerous visits to the doctor have not helped. A nasal spray has had little effect, although he doesn’t use it regularly. His symptoms always worsen at this time of year. I would appreciate your advice.

Blood Count

Blood Count How can I raise my blood count?

Blood Infection

Blood Infection Last summer my partner, who has had a knee replacement, had an accident and went to hospital, where they found he had an infection in his knee. He had surgery but became seriously ill and was diagnosed with septicemia. He needs more surgery on his knee, but the infection is still showing in his blood. How can we help improve things?

Body Clock

Body Clock I recently returned to a five-week shift pattern of night so afternoons and earlier after almost five years on regular days. I'm exhausted and my body clock is all over the place, My exercise and eating regime has fallen by the wayside. I take fish oils and a mineral supplement and drink green tea. What do you advise?


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