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Dr. Ali empowers you to self-diagnose. Browse through the alphabetical Q&A to discover his healing suggestions for your health related problems.


Constipation I have had blood in my bowel movements for a long time. I have a history of digestive problems and still get constipated sometimes, although I avoid dairy products, wheat, sugar and processed food. I have had psoriasis and eczema since birth. I don’t deal with stress well and I am often tired. Do you have natural remedies and cures for constipation?


Concentration I am having problems at work due to lack of concentration. The office is busy and target driven. Switching and juggling jobs isn't easy and I tend to rush, so I make mistakes. Then I get frustrated and angry and the same during happens again. I find it very hard to focus on the job in hand and complete it would acupuncture help?


Conjunctivitis I am suffering from conjunctivitis, or pink eye -which sounds light-hearted but is actually a misery. The doctor says this can be caused by an infection, a virus or, in any case, an allergy. I had it first l8 months ago and took antibiotics and antihistamines. It finally went six weeks later. This current bout has not improved despite my taking the same drugs and making numerous visits to different GPs. Could you throw some light on the cause and suggest a non-drug remedy? I am fit and active. I lost one of my sons in an accident three years ago and have felt emotionally frail since then but have never taken medication.

Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease My ten-year-old son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease about 18 months ago. He is under the care of an excellent consultant, but his condition worsened recently. He is now back on quite a high dose of steroids and also takes anti-inflammatory tablets twice daily. Is it worth getting other opinions? And are there any natural remedies and cures for Crohn’s?


Conception As first-time recently weds, we want to start a family but, at nearly 41 years old, realize this might be tricky. We’re both fit, healthy and take plenty of exercise. Apart from cutting back on alcohol (we don’t smoke) and taking folic acid, are there any other good supplement and "super foods", which might optimise our chances?

Cysts in Breasts

Cysts in Breasts I am 47, childless, and over the past year have developed multiple cysts in both breasts, which are tender when touched. One cyst has been drained; it then refilled and had to be drained again. My doctor has recommended evening primrose oil capsules but has no other advice. My periods are irregular and I have also suffered from what the doctor described as the breakdown of calcium, down my sides from my armpit, which was also very tender. Can you offer any advice as to how these symptoms can be alleviated?

Cold Sores

Cold Sores For years I've had an occasional cold sore on my lip - the last two left dreadful scars. Recently I have also been getting them on the entrance to the rectum, which causes extreme itchiness and soreness. They take ages to clear and often reappear after a week or two. I boil underwear and towels and disinfect the toilet seat, but to no avail. Can you suggest anything, please?


Catarrah I suffer badly from catarrh which I can't get rid of. Can you suggest something to help?

Chemotherapy (Immune System)

Chemotherapy (Immune System) My son, who is 32, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He has been told to eat as normal. What is your opinion?

Chemotherapy (Recovery)

Chemotherapy (Recovery) I'm now on my fifth cycle of chemotherapy for breast cancer, with one more cycle to go. The side effects, mainly digestive problems, get worse each time. is there any thing I can do to help myself through this and to put myself back on the path to good health when the treatment ends?

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with ME. I have gradually got better but I still suffer from disabling fatigue I'm prone to colds and sore throats and have had so many antibiotics over the years that my immune system doesn't function properly.


Colitis I suffer from chronic ulcerative colitis, and I am on pharmaceutical drugs, which cause side effects that outweigh the benefits. How can I control it?


Corn I've had a painful corn on my heel for more than five months. The GP thought it was a verruca and prescribed various creams that made no difference. I couldn't walk property, so the doctor then sent me to a chiropodist who diagnosed a corn, she removed it, put some cream on and covered it. The corn has cleared but my foot and leg still make me cry with pain and walking is difficult, painkillers don't help. What can I do?

Cold Hands & Feet

Cold Hands & Feet Every year I dread the onset of winter because I suffer from cold hands and feet outdoors I wear warm clothes and fur-lined boots; indoors I have to wear slippers lined with goose down to keep my feet warm. I am 58, exercise regularly and have a healthy diet, but this problem means that winters are misery for me. Do you have any advice?
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