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Dr. Ali empowers you to self-diagnose. Browse through the alphabetical Q&A to discover his healing suggestions for your health related problems.

Exertional Headache

Exertional Headache For the past few months, my husband has had a severe headache during intercourse, at the point of climax. Our GP can only offer beta-blockers, which would have the possible side effect of my husband being unable to obtain an erection. Can you help, please?

Eyesight Improvement

Eyesight Improvement I intend to join the forces in five years when I graduate from University, but my eyesight is getting worse quite quickly - although I have net been diagnosed with any eye condition. I am worried about having corrective laser eye surgery because there is a risk of being left with even worse eyesight. Are there any herbal supplements or vitamins that could help

Excessive Crying

Excessive Crying Is there a way of treating excessive crying? I believe the condition must be influenced by a genetic disposition in our family, as my sister and I have suffered from this all our lives. My daughter has also been prone to it since birth. She has just started at university and is very homesick, so she finds her tears especially difficult to control. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


Endometriosis I am 34, a paediatric physiotherapist and have been battling endometriosis, diagnosed through a laparoscopy three years ago. The surgeon found several adhesions in the pelvic region and around the bowel and bladder. These were removed by laser but I still suffer a lot of pain which is only partly relieved by acupuncture and co-codamol. My husband and I are trying for a baby, but I have had two early miscarriages and haven't been able to conceive for the past l6 months. I would be so grateful for any advice on the pain and how to conceive.

Erection Problems

Erection Problems My husband and I, both 50, had an active, happy sex life for 30 years. But a year ago he started having problems maintaining an erection. We are both teachers, and his job has been exceptionally difficult. The doctor diagnosed stress and offered Viagra, but we are worried about the side effects. I suggested we stick to non-penetrative sex but we are now losing interest entirely. Our relationship is suffering. He did have a vasectomy years ago - could this be part of the problem? Various natural remedies have not helped.


Emphysema Can you give an alternative treatment for emphysema? My doctor has prescribed three different types of inhalers, which I have to use up to four times a day.
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