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Dr. Ali empowers you to self-diagnose. Browse through the alphabetical Q&A to discover his healing suggestions for your health related problems.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Could you tell me the best way to get rid of a frozen shoulder? Last July I had surgery (for something unrelated), and ever since my right shoulder has been painful. Now I have restricted movement. My doctor believes that ifs a result of the way I was treated under anaesthetic. Sometimes the whole of my arm hurts and keeps me awake at night.

Face Pain

Face Pain I have had terrible pain and aching in the side of face for about four years. Thinking it was my teeth, I spent a fortune at the dentist, but it made no difference. The doctor says that it's "trigeminal neuralgia". I'm on a drug called carbemazepine but I still have days when it hurts just to talk or wash. It can also hurt round my eyes, which become red and puffy underneath. Have you any suggestions, please?

Facial Tic

Facial Tic I developed a facial tic during a traumatic house-selling episode 18 months ago, and I don’t seem to be able to get rid of it. The doctor said it would probably go of its own accord but, if anything, it’s getting worse. I would be very grateful if you could help me in any way.

Flashing Lights

Flashing Lights I regularly experience flashing lights in both eyes. These lights can appear at any time but particularly if I get up quickly or sneeze. I even get them when I'm making love. The symptoms can last up to ten minutes at a time. I'm a 33 year old man. I have had extensive eye tests but nothing has shown up. It seems to be happening more often, and it is getting more severe. Can you offer any advice?

Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver My 28-year-old daughter has just found out that she has a fatty liver. Her diet is mainly convenience and junk foods, with a huge amount of sugar. She is also a heavy smoker, and on medication for a chemical imbalance. What do you suggest?


Fibroids After seven years of suffering incredibly heavy periods that went on for up to a fortnight I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids. This only happened because I had to have an emergency blood transfusion for life threatening anaemia. The surgical and medical solutions sound unpleasant and it will take some time for me to get treatment anyway. I am 37 and want to have children. What can I do to help myself?

Facial Rash

Facial Rash I have a rash on my face, which is red and swollen. It is quite itchy and comes up in different areas, including my nose and chin. It’s very embarrassing. Can you tell me what it is and what I can do about it?

Flaking Nails

Flaking Nails Can you give me any advice about paper-thin, flaking nails? I follow a fairly low-fat diet because of cholesterol problems but I don’t think it is extreme, and have other health problems including vitiligo. My nails are so bad that they make everyday activities a problem and playing the piano is impossible.

Flat Feet

Flat Feet I'm 28 and for years I have had problems with my feet. Three years ago I was told that this is because I have very flat feet. I now have arch supports for my shoes, but my shins still hurt particularly when I am exercising. I also have swollen ankles. My GP says there is no remedy. Is there anything you can suggest?
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