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Dr. Ali empowers you to self-diagnose. Browse through the alphabetical Q&A to discover his healing suggestions for your health related problems.

High Blood Pressure Medicine

High Blood Pressure Medicine I’ve just been prescribed a drug for high blood pressure but I don't really want to take it because hair loss is listed as one of the side effects. Do you have natural remedies and cures for bringing down blood pressure?

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure I have suffered from high blood pressure for the past year- In July I had a mini-stroke and am now on several drugs, including aspirin. My doctor wants me to have my blood Pressure checked every week. Do you have natural remedies and cures for high blood pressure?


Headache I suffer from frequent headaches in my temples, with a cloudy brain and light-headedness. I have tried lots of remedies, but nothing seems to work for long. Can you help?


Hyperthyroidism I’ve been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and prescribed anti-thyroid medication. Is there an alternative, drug-free approach to this condition?

Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations I’m 23, and after three visits to A&E in one month, with frightening palpitations and fainting fits, I’ve been diagnosed with mild mitral valve proplapse. Apparently I fit the standard profile: young, naturally thin, with hyperextendable elbows! I’ve been prescribed Cardicor and told to retum to work. My symptoms – dizziness, feeling heavy and weak, insomnia, pressure behind the eyes, palpitations and ectopic heartbeat – have not eased. So I’m anxious and work is difficult. Can you suggest any altemative measures?


Haemorrhoid My six-year old son has a haemorrhoid, which is only visible after he goes to the loo. Because our GP could not see it, nothing has been done. My son doesn't complain of pain or itchiness but I’m worried that it might get worse and don't understand why he has this problem. He eats lots of fruit and vegetables and drinks plenty of fluids. Please can you advise me?


Heartburn I have suffered from heartburn for some time but have been unable to find relief from conventional remedies. Can you help?

Hamster Cheeks

Hamster Cheeks Can you tell me why, although I'm not at all over night, I have puffy fat in my jowls -hamster cheeks! This problem started after I had part of one ovary removed. I've heard that it might be to do with the ovaries not functioning. Would a facial muscle-toning machine help? Short of liposuction, what can I do? I’ve started taking the herb agnus castus but haven't noticed any improvement yet.

Heavy Periods

Heavy Periods For the past four months, my teenage daughter has experienced heavy, painful periods that seem to occur every 15 days or so. We consulted her GP, who has suggested that we put her on the pill for six months to stabilise the situation. We are not happy about this course of action. What is your advice?

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy I've been taking HRT- Prempak-C –for ten years. In view of the recent research, I've decided to come off it. I tried just stopping taking it bur have felt dreadful, with hot flushes after only a few weeks. Have you any advice to help me come off HRT?

Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy I'm in the very early stages of my first pregnancy and -while I'm happy- it almost seems as if I have an illness, with all the tests and scans, etc. Can you give me some guidelines on keeping healthy naturally at this time please?

Hay Fever

Hay Fever I dread the spring because I get such terrible hay fever. What do you suggest I do to prevent and/or treat it?

Hair Fall

Hair Fall Over the past two years, my 19-year-old daughter has lost 50 per cent of her hair. A year ago I took her to see a trichologist who suggested that the pressure of exams was causing stress-related hair loss. She gave us hair treatments, none of which has worked. My daughter is now happily settled at university, but her hair looks worse. Is there anything you can suggest? I read that stress leads to increased levels of testosterone, which can cause hair loss.

Hair Loss

Hair Loss My husband is worried about his hair getting thinner. It isn’t too bad at the moment, but now he is talking about buying pharmaceutical products to try and prevent it getting worse. Are there are any natural remedies you could recommend?


Halitosis My teenage granddaughter suffers from halitosis, despite cleaning her teeth regularly. I'm worried that it will affect her friendships; do you have any suggestions for how it can be eliminated?


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