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Dr. Ali empowers you to self-diagnose. Browse through the alphabetical Q&A to discover his healing suggestions for your health related problems.

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease I have just been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and start my medication next week. I would be grateful for advice on diet supplements, exercise, etc that would help with the symptoms and, I hope, hold back the illness.

Post Nasal Drip

Post Nasal Drip Is there any effective cure for postnasal drip? I’ve cut out dairy products but the problem persists and causes a bad taste at the back of my throat and breath problems. Also my nose feels itchy and congested in the morning.

Puffy Eyes

Puffy Eyes Every morning I wake up with extremely puffy and droopy eyelids. lf I sleep for more than six hours they are even worse. In addition, the delicate skin around my eye sockets is becoming darker. Is this due to my diet, to stress, or to other lifestyle factors? Sometimes my ankles swell, too. My GP says there is nothing wrong. Please help.

Perspiration Problems

Perspiration Problems I'm 16 and for the past two years I've been having problems with underarm perspiration. I can't wear what I want because of the sweat patches and it is really affecting my confidence. I have tried every deodorant going but nothing works. A friend told me that Botox may help. Do you advise this? And do you have any other suggestions?

Prostate Problem

Prostate Problem I always thought prostate problems were an issue for older men, but I'm 46 and have been told by my doctor that I have a slightly enlarged prostate. When urinating it feels as though I cannot empty my bladder properly, and the flow has also decreased. Can you suggest anything to help? The doctor did a blood test and confirmed that the prostate was not cancerous.


Palpitations My wife, who is 39, has been suffering from palpitations several times a day. After tests, the cardiologist said she has ectopic heartbeats, which are apparently common. He says they are considered benign in young, healthy people but my wife finds them worrying. There doesn't appear to be any pattern: they can occur when she is walking, watching TV and occasionally they wake her up during the night. Betablocker drugs didn't help. Can you suggest any alternative treatments?

Painful Piles

Painful Piles I am suffering from internal piles, which have become progressively worse since I had my two children. I have tried everything to no avail. I am terrified at the thought of surgery although I don't know exactly what would be involved. Please could you advise me?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome I’m in my 20s and have suffered from irregular periods for several years. I had bad acne that started early but improved slightly after using some prescribed topical lotions. I have excess body hair, mainly on my face and arms, and a tendency to acquire fat around my waist, I am stressed constantly and during the past few years my symptoms have worsened. Do you think I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) arid, if so, can you suggest how to treat it naturally?

Postnatal Fatigue

Postnatal Fatigue Four months after having my baby, I still feel exhausted and have painful joints. I had a l6-hour labour and a forceps delivery. I finished breastfeeding a month ago. What can you suggest to help me get back on track?

Postnatal Period Delay

Postnatal Period Delay I'm worried because I have not had a period since I got pregnant with my daughter in January 2003. I had a caesarean and breast-fed her until she was l2 months, Now she has a small feed at night. I know breast-feeding can stop you having a period but other mothers giving night feeds have told me that theirs have started again. Is there something wrong with me and, if so, what can I do about it?


Pregnancy Completely trouble-free pregnancies are very rare, but there are simple ways to alleviate some of the problems.

Pregnancy Related Pain

Pregnancy Related Pain I am two months pregnant and my back is stiff and painful; I also have a frozen shoulder. Since I became pregnant, the pain has increased. I'm trying to avoid taking painkillers. I eat healthily and walk regularly. Can you help?

Painful Scars

Painful Scars After surgery for varicose veins a year ago, I had an unpleasant discharge and pain from the incision in my groin. This continued for three months, and I ended up with an abscess. That ruptured and subsided but the pain - sometimes stabbing, sometimes a dull ache - continues at points along the scar. Painful red lumps have formed four times now, with a new one appearing this week. My doctor won't give the antibiotics, saying that the scar will heal "eventually".

Painful Skin Condition

Painful Skin Condition I have been diagnosed with oral lichen planus. It’s very painful at times, particularly under the tongue, Conventional treatment doesn't appear to be having much success controlling the symptoms and information is hard to find. Can you help, please?


Psoriasis I have been suffering from psoriasis at the base of my scalp for the past two years. My doctor has prescribed various treatments but none has been successful. The main problem is severe itching and soreness. What began as a small patch is now growing larger. It started when my father was dying. Are there any natural remedies I could try?
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